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The Houston summer heat can be intense, and research shows that proper insulation in your home can significantly reduce both energy consumption and annual utility costs. The professional contractors at Triple Seal Insulation can come to your home and provide an energy audit that can show you not only where you can make improvements, but also the overall savings that could be realized by making those changes. A thorough examination of the interior and exterior of your residence as well as a review of your energy use patterns will allow the energy auditor to paint an accurate picture of your energy consumption and potential cost savings.

Proper insulation of the attic area and other exterior spaces of your home is critical in reducing energy waste. Triple Seal Insulation can provide traditional layered fiberglass insulation for those spaces as well as possible alternatives to that tradition in the form of blown in insulation, radiant barrier insulation, and other methods of minimizing heat exchange between the living space and the world outside. The master energy consultants at Triple Seal Insulation can explain to you the specific differences between fiberglass insulation (which absorbs and retains heat) and radiant barrier insulation (which reflects heat toward or away from the living space).

Both environmental and government agencies recommend specific levels and types of insulation depending on geographic location as one step in the process of achieving overall energy efficiency. It can be difficult to know where to begin when attempting to reduce energy consumption, and Triple Seal Insulation knows exactly what questions to ask. Whether the answer is adding or changing the amount and type of insulation in your attic or simple changes in your energy uses, you’ll be amazed at the cost savings that you can realize with an energy audit from Triple Seal Insulation.