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Energy Audit

An energy audit is, by definition, a technical check of energy use, as in a home or factory, to monitor and evaluate consumption. The end goal of this inspection is to determine where a building is inefficiently designed, either losing warmth when heating in a cold climate such as Minnesota or gaining excess heat while cooling in a climate such as Houston.

The process begins with an energy auditor, such as one from Triple Seal Insulation in Houston, evaluating a building using technical tools such as infrared cameras and precise thermometers. This information will aid in developing a heat profile for a house; that is, where it is gaining or losing the most the heat. From this data, the auditor can then make recommendations to the building owner. For example, the inspection will show if there are gaps in insulation, blockages in ductwork, and even breaks in walls. The auditor can recommend services and materials to alleviate these problems and increase the building’s energy efficiency. Aside from problems that need to be fixed, an energy auditor can advise additional setups that will increase a building’s efficiency based on the customized specifications of the building; such as the space it occupies, amount of people, and it’s geographical location. All of this combined with the data gained through the initial audit inspection. There are 4 levels of analysis for energy auditing. Level 0, or benchmarking, is a preliminary analysis and determines if further analysis is required. Level 1 is a walk through audit to gain more information. Level 2 is a detailed examination. Level 3 is investment grade and is extremely rigorous and absolutely complete.

To conduct an audit on a building, one needs a professional energy auditor. Within Houston, we are the professionals to call. With the possibility only a phone call away, there are many advantages to be gained by using an energy audit.