Houston spray foam insulation the alternative to fiberglass insulation

Spray foam insulation has become one of the most common forms of home and commercial insulation. Unlike fiberglass insulation the foam can be fitted to virtually any space since it is sprayed as a foam and hardens within minutes. The curing process takes a little long but the advantages in application are there. However sprayed insulation can be messy and fiberglass provides sheets that can be cut and fit easily into walls with no curing time and meets most insulating requirements. Often foam sprays are used in attics or larger volume areas that previously use asbestos. The modern day foam sprays are far less toxic as they are made of essentially plastic foam.

Spray foam installation options in Houston are many, as Huston is a big area with a large degree of providers. Be sure to do some research and find the exactly what type of insulating you need and narrow the search for providers from there. Not everybody has the same technical expertise or experience so exercise some scrutiny when choosing a company. Triple Seal Insulation has an exceptional track record in the Houston area and provides a high quality of service. Definitely do solid research but be sure to check out Triple Seal, you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure that whichever provider you choose you are treated well, quality customer service over the phone and in person generally indicates the company cares and will probably care when working on your property. Once your walls are insulated having it re-done would not be an enjoyable experience or a fun adventure for your wallet. Triple Seal provides an excellent service and top-notch customer service with full accountability. Remember to do your research and see what others say about their experience with having their home insulated or re-insulated.